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          Natalie Dixon aka LadyRedd was born April 4,1976 to Barbara Jean Robertson and Zack Dixon. She is the oldest child with 2 younger half brothers; Albert and Sedrick Whitaker. Today she is a single mother with five children. 3 boys and 2 girls. They all currently reside in Wichita Kansas.

          Ms.Dixon is a founding member as well as an active board member at The Lyricist Firm LLC. The Firm family is a group of writers that united on a social site blogging  We are proof that dreams will come true with hard work and persistence. Recently Natalie has also took on the position of a promoter and promotional model at Flawless Mafia International.

          Natalie joined and searched out other poets and writers on this site in November 2010 and started expressing herself through poetry of all sorts. Eventually that lead up to her participation in forming the groups The Firm and a group of women writers called The Divas; A sisterhood linked for the love of ink and to be the voice of  reason for many that some how lost their own through abuse, neglect,or depression. Later on she went even further and helped establish another group of male writers known as The Kommission aka The Brotherhood.

          Natalie has proved to be able to compliment any style of writing from hip hop lyrics to erotica and everything in between and is often asked to collaborate with other writers. The style that seems to flow the most when she writes is her love for the Lord. She is a very inspirational person and desires to motivate everyone she crosses to find God's love and the best from within themselves. She's a very passionate woman and is not afraid to stand alone if she feels like she is standing up for what's right.

          April 5, 2013 Natalie published and released her first book. A book that contains 56 inspirational and motivational poems called The Silver Lining: A Little Faith Is All It Takes. The poetry in this book was inspired as she searched for meaning to her own life after facing so many trials and tribulations including loosing her mother on April 7, 2007.

          A few things to look forward to seeing from Natalie in the near future will be more books, spoken word poetry and some promotional modeling with Flawless Mafia International.

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